You can have the Google phone app on any Android mobile, and enjoy its new functions.

From today, the Google’s phone app now works on Android phones beyond the Pixel, OnePlus, mobiles with Android One and other specific terminals.

Google has announced that its phone app now works with a larger number of mobiles as long as they are updated to an Android version equal to or greater than 9.0 Pie.

And not only that: the company has announced a new phone number verification system, which will show us which company actually corresponds to the telephone number that is calling us, thus helping us to get rid of telephone spam.

Google offers its phone app to (almost) all Android users

The Google phone app has an integrated spam detection system

The new verified call system in the Google phone app works like this: when an incoming call is received, the name and logo of the company will appear, as well as the reason for the call – if available – and a verification symbol, in case the company has been authenticated by Google.

Verified calls let you know who is really calling you.

According to the company, this process done safely since no sensitive data of any kind is stored or shared.

This feature will be available in some countries first, including Spain, Mexico, United States, Brazil and India, and later other regions will join.

To be able to use it, just download the Google phone app on a compatible mobile. To check if it is available, you just have to go to the app page on Google Play and try install it on your mobile. According to Google, the number of compatible devices will increase from this week.

If you can install the application on your device, you can enjoy features that until now were exclusive to a few phones. They are as follows:

Anti spam protection– Using machine learning techniques, users will see warnings about suspicious calls.

Caller ID: lets you know which company is calling you.

Privacy: Contact data is kept safe, and no sensitive information is processed in the cloud.

Number blocking: allows you to restrict the calls of those people who try to contact us in an unwanted way.

Dark mode: Dark theme interface available for the app.

Integrated video– Thanks to Google Duo, you can quickly switch from a voice call to a video call with the touch of a button.

Search for nearby places: allows you to find places nearby and see their phone numbers.

Of course, it’s about an application that can be downloaded totally free.

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