Google’s new tool turns Paint drawings into “works of art” using artificial intelligence

Google continues to work on tools that demonstrate the immense power of artificial intelligence to simplify what seems extremely complicated. Is called Chimera Painter and turn simple drawings into amazing monsters.

They are not the first. NVIDIA has a similar tool for landscapes and the MIT for buildings. But the goal of Google is to go a little further by using dragons and other fantastic monsters to experiment with the possibility of creating “assisted” works of art.

The team behind Chimera Painter has explained in a long article that the motivation behind the tool is to create a brush that works “less like an automated tool and more like an art assistant”, which is surprising. Although perhaps they spend a bit of braking assuring that “software of this type, once it evolves, could reduce the time it takes to create art”.

To showcase the capabilities of the tool, the developers set themselves the challenge of creating characters for a fictional board game, in which players combine different creatures and fight similarly to Pokemon. They trained artificial intelligence with a database of 10,000 monsters and are rendered using Unreal Engine.

Chimera Painter: an assistant, more than an automated tool

Chimera Painter

Chimera Painter it works, as the article explains, as a wizard and not as a fully automated system. It’s still a lot of fun creating mythological creatures, even if it’s out of curiosity.

The tool lets you try out four predefined drawings that you can modify or use to start experimenting. To better understand how it works, we modify one of the creatures, adding wings, changing the tail or putting horns on it. Although it is very simple, you can get much more out of it if you know how to draw. That’s why we recommend using a tablet or Wacom to bring out its full potential.

Chimera Painter

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