Google’s latest easter egg is like a DVD screensaver: that’s how it works

It is no secret that Google, the search engine, has a huge number of easter eggs that are activated by doing a certain specific search. Some of them are “Do a barrel roll”, “Green Hill Zone” (click on the Sonic icon), “Askew”, “Recursion”, Google Pirate or “Blink HTML”. There are many and today we have one more that emulates the legendary DVD screensaver.

To use it, you just have to go to Google and search for one of these terms: “DVD screensaver”, “Bouncing DVD” or “DVD screensaver”. Once in the search results, we wait a second and the Google logo will start to move and bounce every time you touch a side. And will it touch the corner at some point? Yes, in principle it should.

“DVD Screensaver” already wait

When we do the search and the logo starts to bounce, it will change color every time it touches one of the sides. It will alternate between the official company colors: blue, red, yellow and green. The logo will continue to move even if we scroll down the page and, in fact, there is no way to stop it. It will keep moving until we enter a link or go back to the main Google page.

As explained by @_zouhir, Google Search software engineer, theoretically the logo should touch the corner at some point. “How long will it take? It depends,” says the engineer on his Twitter profile. The only option we have to manipulate the system a bit is to change the size of the window to try different settings and see if we can get the logo to touch the corner. It is not known if something happens when it does.

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From what we have been able to prove, this easter egg only works in the search engine for pc. If we do the same search on iOS and Android, unfortunately, the logo does not move. It is a most curious Easter egg and, let it be said, a clear reference to the well-known meme on the DVD screensaver. As we said, you can test it by writing “DVD Screensaver” in Google or, if you prefer, by clicking directly on this link.

Via | 9to5Google

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