Nearby Share, Google’s AirDrop, is closer than ever to being a reality. The North American company has confirmed to Android Police that this feature is currently in the testing phase with real users. “Our goal is to launch this feature and make it compatible with devices with Android 6 (or higher), as well as other platforms,” ​​he explained.

How Nearby Share works is essentially just like Apple’s AirDrop system. This allows you to share, in a matter of seconds, various files between nearby devices without depending on an internet connection (as is the case with WhatsApp, Google Drive or email).

As far as user interface is concerned, Nearby Share is also similar to AirDrop. Users will be able to choose the level of visibility of their device – everyone, only contacts or no one. To share a file, the user will only have to press on the share button and, in a submenu, they will find all the nearby devices with which they can share the information.

Nearby Share will go beyond Android

Nearby ShareImage: Unsplash.

In June, 9to5Google reported that Nearby Share also could break through on Windows, macOS and Linux computers through Chrome, the Google browser. The North American media found different references in the code that point in that direction, so that, if materialized, Nearby Share would be an even more universal system than its main alternatives.

Nearby Share will allow share various types of files, including images, videos and even links, according to Android Police. The functionality will be deployed through an update from Google Play Services –through Google Play–, so it will not matter the manufacturer of the device, if the Android version is recent or even if the update support for the product has finalized.

To access the beta version of Nearby Share, you must be part of the Google Play Services beta program. However, this does not ensure activation of the function on all devices. Google, remotely, is only enabling this option on some products. Therefore, even if a user has the beta version of Play Services, they may not be able to try Nearby Share.