Google uses its Doodles, the fun illustrations that accompany the logo on its home page to pay tribute to events and other ephemeris every day, and now, the company wants recognize the work that different public services are doing in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

And this time he is doing it for a few days, and twice, since pays tribute to various groups who are saving lives and encouraging us to get out of this crisis as soon as possible.

These are the Google doodles that honor the fight against the coronavirus

We have already told you on infinite occasions about the doodles of the American company at specific times such as Halloween or Earth Day, although the company also has honored the birth of great personalities, He has even recommended that we wash our hands using the image of the 19th century doctor who discovered that it was important to reduce the risk of infection.

And now, the company is paying tribute to health personnel who are taking care of the sick day after day due to this pandemic –and other diseases that we must not forget are there– making the situation, at least in Spain, seem to be progressively improving. And this is something to recognize, not only by Google, but by everyone.

But it has not only honored doctors, nurses, caretakers and other health personnel, but has also wanted to pay tribute to the scientific community, which is also helping us to know more about this virus And let’s know how to fight and prevent it, which is also a very important part of moving forward.

But they will not be the only groups to which Google pays tribute, since the company has confirmed that throughout this week we will see more doodles that they will recognize the work of these groups, and that we will see in the coming days on the main page of the company.

This week we are starting a series of doodles to recognize the response of many people to Covid-19, from doctors and nurses who are at the forefront of the fight against the virus, to teachers and workers who ensure that our basic needs are met. covers

This type of series of doodles are usually reserved for sporting events or other events that last more than a week, but now the company is using them to value work of all the people who are dedicating themselves to minimize to the maximum the negative effects of this pandemic.

Over the next two weeks, our doodles will recognize the work of other essential workers, including healthcare personnel, carriers, ambulance services, and more people who are allowing essential services to continue. Thank you to all the people who are working to save lives and keep communities safe during this pandemic.

So, in two weeks, we will see how Google pays tribute to all those who are enabling many of us to continue with our lives with relative normality.

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