Google will no longer charge rivals to display their search engines on Android

Get ready to see even more search engines available on your mobile starting in September.

Google stopped being the default search engine on Android more than a year ago, due to the pressure from European Union regulators. From that moment, the company offered users of its mobile operating system the possibility of choose from multiple search engines On the initial Android setup screen, they had earned the position by participating in an auction conducted by Google.

Now, Google has announced that it will stop charging money to its competitors who want to appear on the Android search engine selection screen.

There will be more search engines to choose from starting in September

As indicated by the company itself, the changes have been made based on new suggestions from the European Commission. Thus, it has been decided make participation in search engine selection screen free for search engine developer firms.

Likewise, Google has confirmed that the number of available search engines will increase, although it has not been specified what the number will be – until now, the selection screen only showed five or six options.

Said changes will begin to be deployed from the month of September on Android mobiles, probably together with the update to Android 12 that will arrive on those dates. In any case, Google is confident that most people will continue to use Google as the preferred search engine on their Android devices, “because it really is useful, and not because there are no alternatives.”

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