Google has a plan to breathe new life into your service Google Play Movies, and incidentally make it a somewhat more competitive service against Netflix, Disney + and other streaming platforms for series and movies. The idea? Start giving away hundreds of movies.

At least that is what they have discovered on the XDA-Developers portal when examining the code of one of the latest versions of Google Play Movies, the movie streaming service integrated into the Google Play ecosystem.

Google plans to give away hundreds of movies on Play Movies

Since its launch, Play Movies offers the possibility of rent or buy Movies and TV series at a certain price. It is, therefore, one of the few platforms in its category that does not opt ​​for a monthly or annual subscription model, and instead bets on a format more in the style of the classic video clubs, giving the user the possibility of acquiring only the content they want to consume.

But in the version 4.18.37 of the applicationIt has been found that this could change in a way. Apparently, some text strings –strings– included in the application code refer to the existence of “Hundreds of movies, and only a few ads”, which leads us to think that Google has the idea to start offering movies for free, that the users of the platform will be able to see in exchange for having to bear the appearance of the odd ad during the content playback.

It is unknown, yes, what movies specifically they will be part of this new format. It is unlikely that Google will offer the entire catalog of Google Play Movies for free, although the truth is that today the opposite is not specified either. However, it is most likely that only a part of all the movies offered on Play Movies are available for free with ads, while the rest will maintain the usual rental or purchase format.

It is also unclear whether this new consumption format will be available in all countries. We must not forget that YouTube is another of the Google platforms where it is possible to rent movies, and it is not strange to see how, on certain occasions and in specific countries –mainly in the United States–, the platform offers the possibility of playing some of them. for free, although with ads. Therefore it would not be unreasonable to think that This feature may be available only in some regions.

Be that as it may, these text strings are the only clues to this feature that we have today, which suggests that it is a function that is still at an early stage of development, which will probably not be implemented for weeks or months, if Google does not decide beforehand to discard the plans and keep the current format. We will keep you informed of any major changes that may occur in the Google series and movies platform.

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