Google wants you to understand why applications need to access your data | Technology

The Latest from Google is a feature intended for Google Play to improve user safety. What is sought is that users understand why applications need certain data to function properly.

The security of Android devices is a priority for Google, which is why it is always looking for measures to improve this section in its operating system. Measures do not always have to be part of system updates or patches.

Sometimes, the improvements come thanks to a proper implementation when it comes to displaying information. And, is that, when installing an application, the data that it will collect and the information that it will have access to is usually a mystery.

Google has been several generations of devices and versions of Android trying to make these sections much more accessible to users. But it seems that he has finally found the key and does so with a feature that reaches the Play Store.

The new feature is intended to show users everything that the application needs to function properly. Yes, this has been around for some time on Android. But the difference is that now a section is also included that explains how the collected data is used.

The developers will be in charge of having this section of complete information so that users can understand the details of the operation of the applications they install. Come on, the user will be aware of why the applications need this data.

By having this information that, in addition, will be verified by Google and that will serve as a security system for users; people will be able to decide whether to install the application or not. And, is that, knowing the data policies of some applications, you may want to install said application.

This new feature is not yet active and we will have to wait until the first quarter of 2022 to find it within the Play Store. Now only that gives developers to put the batteries and go through the Google hoop to create a more secure application store for everyone.

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