Google wants you to know why it shows you some results and not others | Technology

When searching for information on Google, the results it shows are based on certain characteristics that must be met. The Mountain Viewers want to explain this to users and they do so using a new feature.

The latest from Google has been added to the results screen that appears when we search for something using its search engine. And, is that, Mountain Viewers want users to know why these results. Yes, why are those specific results shown and not others.

This feature comes as an addition to one that appeared relatively recently and whose main functionality was to warn users if the results of their searches were to be trusted or not.. Now Google wants to go a step further and offer much more cautious information.

In principle, this new feature is now available to all users and nothing needs to be updated. Although it is always advisable to visit the application store for both Android and iOS to check if any application needs to be updated.

What this new feature does is show a box, in this box Google explains how it managed to show you the first result. It is like a small how-to guide and exemplifies how the Google search algorithm works.

For example, if we look for instructions to make a fried egg, what Google does is break the sentence into words and relate it to their respective semantic fields. In addition, these are interrelated with the searches that other people have done and also the language.

In fact, Google has launched this feature as a way to get users less familiar with search understand how it works. What’s more, This has some usefulness because by learning the way in which Google searches, users can be more assertive when typing in the Google search bar.

And, although it is available to all users, at the moment the only language supported by this feature is English. So if you want to try it, what you have to do is change the language of your terminal.

We will have to wait for Google to launch this new feature in other languages, we assume that it should not take too long, although you never know.

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