Google wants you to choose the next Chrome icon

When it comes to technology, functionalities and aesthetics are just as important. Therefore, what seemed to be a simple decision, has made one of the designers of Google, share a logo proposal on Twitter and ask for user feedback.

Chrome LogosChrome Logos at BigSur

One of the most obvious changes from the update Google released today for its Chrome browser on macOS includes a change of the icon to make Chrome better fit the new macOS Big Sur design. As one member of the design team has hinted, the design team could continue to be improved and changed if necessary.

Chrome adapts to BigSur

The Google designer shared on Twitter with the Chrome profile @ elvin_not_11 three example icons Google continues to work on, accompanied by the text:

“Then what is? It would have to be “C” for me, but I honestly like them all.

However, the responses of those who dared to answer the question did not seem to agree with this decision, claiming that it looked rather flat.

Although in principle the change may be the most obvious for Chrome users, update includes other new features and bug fixes like:

Performance improvement by reducing CPU usage through tab throttling that better manages resources. Background tabs no longer trigger the CPU as often, which preserves battery life, so Chrome uses up to 5 times less CPU and battery life is up to 1.25 hours better. Chrome starts up up to 25% and loads pages up to 7% faster. New functions to delete browser history are completed from the address bar Additionally, Google has shared on its official site that it plans to add cards to Chrome that will help you return to recently visited and related content. Previous articleThis concept shows what the AirPods 3 would be like Next articleLevel 50 comes to Pokémon GO

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