It seems that Google wants to have more presence in Samsung, one of its most important partners, and is negotiating so that its Google Assistant is ahead of Bixby, as well as for a greater relevance of the Play Store in the terminals of the South Koreans.

It is less for Samsung to present its new devices. On August 5 we have an appointment, as tradition dictates, with South Koreans to meet their new devices. The Galaxy Note 20 is expected to arrive, but also a new Watch and Galaxy Buds Live widely leaked and that are seen in the promotional image that Samsung itself has shared to warm the atmosphere before the event.

At the presentation of the Galaxy Note 10 in New York, Samsung unveiled a further step in its agreement with Microsoft to allow the screen to be replicated and send mobile apps to Windows 10 in a very simple way. Now, Who knows if the new mobile phones will appear on stage accompanied by someone from Google …

And it is that, according to a report by Bloomberg, Google and Samsung are negotiating to make the services of the former more important on the mobile phones of the seconds. This translates into Google Assistant ahead of Bixby, the Play Store as the protagonist ahead of the Samsung app store and other services with more presence in the Galaxy. Will Discover enter instead of Upday in the negotiation?

There are various topics on the tableBut what must be clear is that everything would be done with a checkbook. It would not be the first time that Google pays a company – Apple in its day to make Google the default search engine in Safari on iOS – to prioritize its services, and something like this could happen with Samsung.

It seems that the idea is that Google Assistant has more importance in Galaxy terminals Because Samsung is a very important ally for Google (and vice versa) and it would be a way to further expand its services.

Actually, of course we can use Google Assistant on Samsung mobiles, but the Galaxy has a dedicated button that activates Bixby. One way that Google Assistant has more presence on South Korean devices is that we can customize that button on all models, choosing whether we want one assistant or another.

Do you want to get the most out of the Google assistant? Then take note of all the voice commands “Ok Google” that you can use in 2020.

Bixby will not go awayAs the highly anticipated Samsung smart speaker hasn’t arrived yet, the company wants it to be the central assistant for a connected home experience, so it appears Google Assistant will have to continue to live with the Samsung assistant.

On the other hand, It seems that the Play Store would also enter the deal, although about this there are not too many details. We may start to see more Samsung apps predominantly in the Sotre … or more Google apps in the Google store (something we have recently started seeing with ‘smaller’ apps).

We will see what happens, but the two companies have responded to Bloomberg, showing that the relationship between the two is very good, Google leaving Samsung free to work on the apps it wants and Samsung affirming that they work closely with Google to offer the best user experience.