Google continues to implement the magic of its real-time translation systems to multiple of its products. Now these capabilities reach the Google Translate app for Android, which is already capable of reproducing in text the voice it processes between any of the eight languages ​​already available.

Among these is Spanish, in addition to of course English, as well as French, German, Hindi, Portuguese, Russian and Thai.

In the update, which is still being phased out, the current interface has been changed to change the ‘Voice’ option to ‘Transcribe’. In this one it is allowed to introduce audios much longer than until now, of no more than a phrase that stops as soon as we pause, to perform transcription continuously.

From Google they recognize that this new function is capable of transcribing audios in relatively quiet environments, where a single person speaks at all times, while “doing the best he can” in other situations.

To use this function, you just have to check on Google Play that we have the latest version available, and that they have already included this new function. In case of not being active, the update will come soon to more and more devices and countries, as is usual in Google.

This new feature joins the real-time text transcription that arrived on the audio recorder exclusively for the Pixel 4 and was finally published on Google Play with extended compatibility for the Pixel 2, Pixel 3 and Pixel 3a ..

Real-time translation systems make use of increasingly powerful machine learning algorithms, which are supported by the TPU integrated into the chips of the terminals. These see how, year after year, the increase in their capacities grows in triple-digit increments, as is the case with Qualcomm or Huawei.

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