Google Stadia will have at least another 100 games throughout this year

Worried about the future of Google Stadia? The company has confirmed that the platform will receive more than 100 games in the coming months.

Google seems to be more confident than ever about its streaming gaming platform, Stadia. Despite the recent flight of some of the main leaders of the project, in an interview offered to, the firm has indicated that Google Stadia is “alive” and progressing on the right track.

In that sense, in addition, one of the leaders in the development of the platform has confirmed that Stadia is gearing up to receive over 100 new games in the remainder of the year, including some titles triple A thanks to the collaboration with developers such as Capcom, EA, Square Enix or Ubisoft.

Google Stadia, Google’s streaming gaming platform.

Stadia is “alive,” and more than 100 games will arrive in the coming months

Led now by Dov Zimring, the Google Stadia project seems to move on. It may not be at the rate that Google would like, but what is undeniable is that the company is demonstrating its efforts to make this one platform capable of attracting more and more users.

And he is doing it, above all, based on top-notch titles that month after month they are landing in the catalog of games of Google Stadia. Some are also offered free to Stadia Pro subscribers, as is the case with Resident Evil 7 or Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, two of the last to join the list.

Stadia, in addition, continues to bet on creations of independent developers through the Stadia Makers Program, which provides close support during all phases of video game development –from the programming and design phase to marketing–, with the aim of adding more and better games. based on the Unity engine to the catalog. To this day, this program has already helped create five different games, and there are more than 20 under development.

In that sense, some developers claim be satisfied with the latest changes to the Stadia dome. Alyssa Kollgaard of Akupara Games notes that “Google has been transparent about its restructuring and has worked with us directly on ways to ensure that we receive support at the same level we had when we signed up for the Makers program.”

Yes OK the full list of games is not confirmed that will arrive at Stadia before the end of 2021, both Google and some of the developer companies have already revealed their plans for the future. We can expect top-level titles, like those in the saga Mafia, Far Cry 6, Life Is Strange and many others are among Google’s plans for this year and next.

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