Google Search’s New Easter Egg Takes You Back To The DVD Era | Technology

Now you can try a new easter egg in Google search, and it probably reminds you of the good old days of DVDs.

If you have been on the Internet for a long time, and have used old operating systems or DVD players, surely you remember a wallpaper in which a silhouette or geometric shape has been bouncing in the hope that, sometime, it would just fit into one of the corners.

The Google search engine is full of Easter eggs, that is, nods to popular Internet culture, and the last discovered has been that of the DVD wallpaper, which makes the Google logo start to move around our screen, bouncing off each of the edges, they report from mspoweruser.

The best of all is that it is very easy for you to trigger this Easter egg, and what you have to do is open the Google search engine, and write “DVD Screensaver” (without quotes) and, after a second, the Google logo will automatically start bouncing across the screen for a long time.

It should be clarified that the Easter egg is only triggered if you enter the term in English as we have put it above, since if you put it in Spanish or in any other language, the logo will not move.

As you can see, the Google logo changes color as it bounces off the screen, between blue, red, yellow and green and theoretically it has a 2% chance of correctly fitting into one of the corners of the screen.

Apart from this there is not much else, and if you want the logo to stop bouncing it is as easy as clicking on any tab of the search engine such as images or news, or entering any other search term.

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