After analyzing 15,000 popular searches in Google search engines, a study by The Markup showed that 41 percent of the first results are from products of the same company founded by Larry Page. This same character stated in 2004 that the search engine was different from others by not showing its own content above that of other web platforms. What is happening?

Google’s artificial intelligence, called BERT, evolves almost daily to give the user not only greater amounts of information, but the best of all. The criterion is to collect the content that is most relevant based on search volume, number of occasions shared by users, among other criteria.

Its ability to understand almost what no one else could translates into accurate results even if the information provided is poorly written. However, its rivals have indicated that with the passage of time the search engine could be favoring its results towards its own products.

An example of this are the services of Google Flights and Google Hotels, which in 2019 captured twice as many clicks compared to other competitors such as Booking and Expedia, which caused confusion and concern among companies in the same sector.

A Google spokesperson responded to clarify the data from The Markup study: “We firmly believe that by creating the best search experience for people around the world, we will provide more traffic and value to website creators and businesses. Of all sizes. This methodology, which is based on a non-representative sample of searches, is flawed and misleading.  »

“Providing links, helping people rephrase queries or exploring topics, and presenting quick data is not designed to prioritize Google. These characteristics are fundamentally in the interest of the users, which we validate through a rigorous testing process ”.

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Constant controversies from Google

For some time, the company was singled out when it decided to change the design of its results page, making it difficult to distinguish promoted links from organic ones. This could lead users to click pages where they did not want to, and thus continue to favor Google sponsored products.

Although it must be said that the above is not so new, since for a couple of years Google has usually always highlighted Google Adwords ads first, followed by pages that sneak into organic searches where they are applied SEO techniques to appear in the first search results.

The problem is that sometimes the user can be confused with one and the other despite the fact that sponsored links have the Ad tag on one side to show the difference.

A controversy that is not new

Already since 2017, the controversy around the above was a fabric to cut: a study by the Wall Street Journal revealed that Google bought millions of its own ads and showed its own products to users above the competition ads.

“We have consciously and carefully designed our marketing programs not to affect the ad auction. All of our bids are excluded from auction when determining the price paid by other advertisers, and we have strict rules and processes – with stricter levels than our customers – to govern the use of our own ad products, « Google said back then as response to the Journal story.