Google prepares function to use the mobile phone with one hand

The new function allows to reduce the size of the mobile screen to facilitate the use with one hand.

Google is preparing a new mode of use so that you can calmly operate the cell phone with one hand.

Previously, cell phones were devices that were used with one hand, but with the passage of time, smartphones were taking a large size until they reached the ones we know today.

That is why the technology company has decided to implement a new mode that will allow users to use the mobile with one hand.

This mode designed by Google will be implemented in the Android 12 version, as explained in a publication by the XDA Developers portal.

This mode was created to be integrated into Android Open Source Projec (AOSP), which is the open source version of the company’s operating system, says the aforementioned media.

How the new Google mode works

Regardless of the Android device that the user has, as long as they have the latest version of the operating system, they can use Google’s one-handed mode.

This function for Android 12 what it does is deduct the size of the phone’s screen to 40 percent, allowing the cell phone to be handled with one hand and this can be enabled with gesture navigation.

This is undoubtedly an excellent function since sometimes we can occupy ourselves and we cannot always use both hands to answer messages, since the large size of the phones makes it a bit difficult to use with one hand.