Google Pixel 5a leaks in pictures and we’re not impressed

Here are the first renders of the Google Pixel 5a with details of its technical specifications. There are not many reasons to get excited.

The family Google Pixel it has made a place in the competitive smartphone industry as a mandatory reference on how to develop a robust and bestial Android terminal.

Although their design and number of cameras is not always monumental, the reality is that in terms of performance they have never disappointed.

Many hoped that now with the Pixel 5a some interesting changes will be added to make it more aesthetically attractive. But it seems that we will have to keep waiting.

Here the first renderings

The colleagues of The Voice, through the good Steve Hemmerstoffer, better known as @OnLeaks They have been in charge of filtering the first complete details about the Pixel 5a.

Accompanying everything with a series of renders where we know what the final appearance of the device would be like:

As we can see on the surface, sobriety is maintained at the top. And inside the Pixel 5a unfortunately it would be something like a Pixel 4a with 5G.

The screen would be 6.2 inches, it would integrate a fingerprint sensor on the back and add an extra lens to the camera.

But otherwise it would be practically the same as the 4a in its specifications, which we remind you here:

128 GB storage
8 MP front camera
3140 mAh battery

It seems that the big surprises would reach the Pixel 6. Hopefully so, since Google leaves us somewhat confused. Although all this leakage remains to be confirmed.