Predicted over the past week, Google Photos has finally stopped backing up the photos and videos from our social networks and messaging applications, leaving our content out to reduce data consumption and the resource burden of Internet networks .

Although for the moment Google has not wanted to confirm the complete list of “affected” applications, from XDA Developers they have already been able to verify that the application has stopped collecting multimedia content from WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Facebook Kik, Twitter, Snapchat , Viber, Helo and LINE.

However, it’s just about changing the default setting, so if we really want to keep saving these files in Google backups, we will still have the option. And is that since Google Photos is currently offering unlimited storage of content, and the more than known (and suffered) amount of photos and videos that we usually receive daily in our WhatsApp groups and other applications, everything points to the company I would be looking for more trying to slow down and reduce this huge burden.

However, it is a perfect tool to keep a backup copy of all the photos that come to us, so we are going to show you how can you reactivate the complete compilation of your photos and videos for these backups.

How to activate the backup of Google Photos

And is that considering that our mobile phones have already become the center of our social and personal life, and given their fragility and vulnerability to theft or malfunction, it is normal that we want to keep all our memories safe.

Backup Google Photos

Fortunately, the reactivation of these backups goes through a really simple and fast process, which will only take us a few minutes and just four steps:

Open the Google Photos application from our phone. Access our profile (in the photo located in the upper right), and activate the backups in our terminal. On the other hand, to make sure that all the folders are being synchronized, we will return to the main menu and access the “Library” tab. From here, we will select one by one the albums that we want to save in the cloud, and clicking on them, we will enable the “Create backup and sync” option.

Although in the case that we have many albums, another simple way to know if they are being saved and included in these backups, we can identify them with an icon of a crossed out cloud, Visible at the bottom right of the album preview.

Finally, we can also review the synchronized folders from our profile, through the «Photo Settings» > “Backup and Sync”> “Backup Device Folders”.

The Google Photos entry stops making backup copies of WhatsApp and other social networks is a MuyComputer original