Google Pay is completely renewed and aims to become the best app to control your money

The Mountain Viewers kept their promise and today finally presented the new Google Pay, a total renovation with which they intend to become the best application for control personal expenses. It should be noted, however, that for the moment will only be available in the United States, although surely it will not take too long for it to expand to other countries where they already have a presence. With all the new features introduced, clearly Google Pay wants to stand up to proposals such as Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, among others.

Google Pay not only boasts a redesign of its interface, also a lot of new functions with which they intend to offer you an “All in one” app to manage your money. For example, it is now easier to access your close contacts (friends or family) to make individual or group transfers. Are you looking for a business near your location that accepts payments through Google Pay? The UI will also show them to you along with a history of previously visited businesses.

The company emphasizes that support for Google Pay is still dependent on the businesses themselves. Thus, the success of the functionalities described above is linked to the interest of restaurants, shops and other businesses. In the United States at least, Google says that some gas stations and parking garages, as well as roughly 100,000 restaurants, already accept Google Pay payments. It is for this reason, and others that we will tell you later, that its initial launch is limited to the North American country.

Google Pay

But beyond being a means to spend money, Google Pay also wants to help you control it without the bank being an impediment. And it is that you can link bank cards thanks to Plaid, a non-Google financial service that allows applications to connect with users’ financial information. Once connected, you can access your balances and even track payments and transactions made with your cards. Do you want to save the capture of a ticket? The integration with Google Photos gives you the storage you need to save the image.

Of course, Google Pay maintains its fundamental characteristic, that is, the possibility of make payments via NFC. Now at the top of the application you can access all the bank cards that you have synchronized, having the option to choose which one you want to pay with. And if you need someone to make a transfer for you, you can always go to your profile and find your QR code, since by sharing it they will be able to send payments to your account. If you have gift cards or rewards from businesses, don’t worry, you can also manage them within the app; specifically from the “Explore” tab.

Having such important data in a single application could generate a certain distrust towards the internet giant. However, the company assures that Google Pay never shares your personal information with third parties or with other services of Google itself. In addition, they offer a complete system of privacy controls that adjust to your concerns or needs. Finally, security is a priority in Google Pay, so they promise secure authentication, encrypted transactions, and anti-fraud protection.

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