The Google One service allows you to share storage space, as well as manage files

The internet giant launched Google One, a service that allows you to share storage space with family members, live support for all your Google questions and member benefits such as Google Play credits and Google Store member benefits.

Backups of phone information are secure and automatic for members with Android devices. So no matter what happens to your phone, you won’t lose important things like text messages, contacts, apps, photos and videos.

When the service was launched, it was charged as a membership, however Google reported that “we are hAciendo that some functions of Google One such as the backup of the phone and a new storage management tool, are free for Google users where Google One is available. “

With this tool you can do back up your devices and clean your files in Google Photos, Google Drive and Gmail, all in the new Google One app for Android and iOS.

Automatic phone backup will be available on Android phones, even if you don’t have a Google One membership.

In the case of iPhones, presented an application for iOS that allows you to store photos, videos, contacts and calendar events with Google.

The free version allows a storage space of up to 15 GB that come with the Google account.

This tool is amazing when the phone breaks, is lost or stolen as it provides peace of mind knowing that the data is safe in the cloud.

Google One StoresWith this tool you can make a backup of your devices

Clean and organize your storage space

Google announced that it also enabled a service to be able to easily manage and clean files in Drive, Gmail and Photos.

“That is why we are also adding a new storage manager in the Google One app and on the web, which gives you an easy way to see how are you using your storage and freeing up space. You can keep the files you want, get rid of the ones you no longer need and leave room for more, all in one place, “the company said in a statement.

Google One cleans up Google One cleansGoogle announced that it has also enabled a service to easily manage and clean files.

For those who want more is the Google One membership

Beyond the free version, you can enjoy the full Google One experience, when paying a membership with plans of all sizes from $ 1.99 dollars a month.

When paying the membership benefits are expanded as it can be shared with up to five additional family members, access live help with anything from Google and get benefits including premium support and family sharing.

The new functions They will be released for Android on the Play Store in the coming days, and the iOS app will be available soon. These updates only apply to consumer accounts and will not be available to commercial G Suite customers.