Google mistakenly shows the Pixel Buds A, its new wireless headphones

Google mistakenly (or not) teaches the new Pixel Buds A in an email from their Nest devices.

Without a doubt, Google’s Pixel Buds were one of the Mountain View giant’s greatest successes in 2020, at least if we talk about its hardware division, because true wireless headphones have already become the star accessories of any smartphone And having an option by Google with all the possibilities of its natively integrated services was too juicy.

In fact, already in our analysis we were able to verify that Pixel Buds offered options that no one can offer, such as simultaneous translation with Google Translate or the best integration with Android –and they were still further improved with subsequent updates-, although certainly compared to the competition they lagged a little behind in other aspects such as the quality and control of the audio.

Google is already working on its new Pixel Buds A, with ANC and more power?

A few weeks ago we learned that Google is preparing a renovation, in any case, that will solve the biggest problems of its Pixel Buds adding more power and active noise cancellation, and that it seems that they will soon arrive converted into the Google Pixel Buds A if the information published by 9to5Google colleagues is true.

Google Pixel Buds, analysis: second parts can be good

In fact, in an email sent to users subscribed to Google Nest news in the United States, it seems that the Mountain View giant has missed a small image of which will be his second true wireless headphones in a new variant of a dark green color quite attractive.

In said advertising email, they stand out new features coming soon to made by Google devices, and links to the Pixel Buds A are included in the ‘Accessories’ section of the Google Store.

In the image you cannot see too much detail, beyond a similar design with some tweaks such as a greater presence of color in the headphones, the tips of the wings and the charging and carrying case. The charging indicator LED has also moved towards a more predominant place at the top.

It should be remembered that these new Pixel Buds have already been sighted in the American FCC certifier lists, so most likely they will be ready for their launch next May, in a Google I / O 2021 that will be virtual and free for everyone with all the news from the Google universe for this year.

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