Google Meet will be updated in the coming months to implement functions that will make the video calling application more comfortable and dynamic.

The competition continues to be the most used video calling app. Although in some countries the coronavirus pandemic has passed, in others it is still booming and there is also where a strong outbreak is feared. Teleworking has been imposed in many companies and These applications are among those that have increased the most in use in 2020.

Google Meet has a lot of competition, from Zoom and Skype to a dozen other applications, each with different pros and cons. AND all are attentive to what others do to add it too. One of the novelties that the Google tool is going to implement is the background blur, but it won’t be the only one.

The news that this tool will add in the coming months have been announced at the Google for Education event and They do not have a specific date, although they will be implemented from October.

If you are away from your friends, family or co-workers, this is no excuse for not maintaining communication with them. Here are five apps that allow you to make group video calls to keep talking to those people.

These are some of the news announced for Google Meet:

Background blur. It will only show the person and the background cannot be distinguished, to help with privacy.
Raised hand. Useful for when a participant wants to speak or be attended.
Private chat between members without leaving the group conversation.
Tiled view in 7×7 grids. It will be expanded to 49 participants.
Collaborative whiteboard so anyone can write or draw.
Attendance tracking.
Divide the room into groups. This is one of the features why Zoom is so widely used in courses.

According to XDA-Developers, in addition to these new features, at the end of the year it may also be possible to record the meetings and have the images available for at least 30 days, or the possibility of blocking participants once they have left the meeting, but this is situates further back in time.

In any case, novelties more than useful in general that show a clear intention to focus the tool towards the professional world and education.