Throughout 2020, with quarantine as the driving force, Google Meet has been incorporating numerous functions that have made it one of the most used services (now free) for group video calls. In April, it opened its video calls to all users of a Google account, allowing video conferences of up to 100 participants.

Now finally the service allows us to see 49 of those participating people at once. Up to now, what happened is that although that hundred people could take part in the call, the number of people that could be seen was very small, something that also happened in Zoom. To see more than one group, you had to scroll horizontally.

Background blur also comes to Google Meet

To see those 49 people in one go, something that will be particularly useful, the option will have to be activated manually. In the default view we will continue to see 9 people, and 16 people in the grid.

If we want a larger number of people to appear we will have to go to settings, and in the option ‘Change layout‘, set the maximum number of people to 49 in the grid view. We can set the maximum to any number we want, and the setting will be saved for future calls. Within that maximum, we can include ourselves as participants in the grid, so that we never stop seeing each other.

Change Design

Further, Google has enabled the ability to blur the background, a function that is used a lot in Zoom and that all services have been adding for privacy, but that participants also use as a joke in services that allow changing the background. Background blurring will initially only work in Chrome on Windows and macOS computers, and will be coming to ChromeOS and mobile apps soon.

All these functions began their gradual deployment on September 15, and will be available to all users at the end of the month.

More information | Google (1, 2)

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