Google Maps will show cases of Covid 19 on its maps

That Google Maps is one of the most used services and tools today is beyond doubt. But since the pandemic began, Google has sought a way to be useful with all its digital arsenal to fight against the Coronavirus in aspects such as updated and truthful information for its users. And it seems that Maps is going to join the project.

Google Maps will show cases of Covid 19

According to leak and reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong, Google could soon show in its Google Maps application the areas that have the most cases of the coronavirus, According to the screenshots posted by Wong on his Twitter, the application would have a new type of map.

A map that would collect information on confirmed cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 7 days and, as observed in the capture, said information would come from sources such as Wikipedia, The New York Times and the Brihanmumbai municipal corporation in India.

Still in development, still unannounced

When will we see it active? Well, at the moment it is unknown, because this function, which Maps has not officially confirmed, is in development. In fact, we do not know if Google will launch it for Google Maps users, and if we do, we do not know if it will be globally. We will be attentive to more data from Manchun Wong or from Google itself, if it is pronounced.