For many specialists, retail has an important opportunity to grow this year and this can be done if it capitalizes on the accelerated rise in electronic commerce. This is something that Google understands perfectly identified and therefore is reinforcing its offer of solutions for companies.

An example of the above is the adjustment that the search engine has just made and which is related to making it free for companies to include products in search results.

Until now, Google It featured shopping listings as a panel of sponsored links from advertisers promoting specific search terms, but with the change they’ll be free, with the goal of helping sellers and buyers connect.

« It is crucial that we help people find the best options available and that merchants connect more easily with consumers online, » said Google commerce president Bill Ready in a blog post for the company.

Thus, the adjustment implies that the results that were previously sponsored will now be free from July, although the first will apply to mobile devices and, by the end of the year, it is expected to reach the desktop version.

« Free lists in Google Search are a great step forward in democratizing access to digital commerce, benefiting buyers and merchants with more options in all areas, » he added. Ready.

Since April, Google has made changes such as launching free retail listings to boost sector activity and help stores improve their chances of connecting with their customers. According to a CNet report, Mountain View’s technology offering puts it in more direct competition with Amazon.