Google does not rest and whether it is nonsense or genius, the Internet giant is always ready to surprise staff with something new. Which end fits you best Keen You decide, but if you want a quick description of this service that has just been released, one word is enough: Pinterest.

Pinterest sounds familiar to you, right? It is that social network that came out a few years ago with the premise of sharing your interests with the world, and that despite the initial impact has been relegated to the use of a few. But it has not disappeared, which is not a little, contrary to what happened with Google+, which in fact had quite a lot more users. As well, Keen is almost a Pinterest tracing, with its own nuances.

Explained in more detail, how Pinterest works is as follows: you open an account and add bookmarks or articles that you like, as you find them when you browse. All this is distributed through a series of collections by theme that you can share with other users, as well as you can follow collections of others, etc. Broadly speaking, that’s Pinterest … and that’s Keen.

In essence we talk about a social bookmarking service with the image element as the main hook. What differentiates Keen from Pinterest is that Google’s approach is based on artificial intelligence and the company’s search engine, so it can save you some work, although you can also add items manually, or collaborate with the collections of others.

For example, let’s say you like cooking … As soon as you enter Keen you will find collections dedicated to making bread or homemade cocktails: you subscribe and you can now follow everything that is published in them. But you also like Indian cuisine and there is none of that yet: you create a collection, you set parameters and Keen’s AI will handle to fill it in based on information that can go from Wikipedia articles to YouTube videos, blog recipes, etc; remove what you don’t like, add other things …

Just like on Pinterest, on Keen you can also have private collections and, in fact, each new collection you create – we call them collections, but in the service they are called Keen – will be private by default. And a little more. «Do you have things that you are passionate about and want more? Keen helps you expand your interests and connect them with other people ”, such is the presentation of the service.

As they say on Mashable, the launch of Keen was last Thursday without hardly giving it much hype, so it does not seem that they are putting much hope in the invention either. If you want to take a look, in addition to the website you will find an Android application.