Give a new skin to your computer with these impressive wallpapers that you can download for free and in high definition.

Google has published a new set of wallpapers in the Chrome OS Canary channel, with which you will want to give your computer a new look, if you don’t have a Chromebook. Colorful wallpapers with which to personalize your devices.

As collected from Android Police, the Mountain View company has published a series of new wallpapers, covering a total of four areas. The first of it is inspired by collage and it is a collection of wallpapers with an analogous color palette and easy to see, maintaining a serene and harmonious environment.

Google has new wallpapers for your computer.

On the other hand, there are also available wallpapers that were drawn on Chrome Canvas, a popular drawing app from the Mountain View firm. Illustrations showing lively, animated works of art, mixing pop color and a mid-century feel.

A collection of wallpapers that you can download in high resolution

On the other hand, it is also included a collection with abstract designs that create a unique composition using shapes and gestural marks. Some wallpapers that take advantage of lighting, translucency and gradients to create unique designs. Some of them even have a dark variant, which may suggest that Chrome OS dark theme may launch soon.

If you don’t use Chrome OS Canay or don’t have a Chromebook, don’t worry, they’ve found a solution to that problem from the same medium. New wallpapers can be download in high definition by clicking on the button located below these lines, so you can place them on any of your smart devices.

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