Google is opening the program to test the Android Auto betas and anyone can sign up | Technology

Google advances with Android Auto and reopens the program to test the beta versions of the most used platform in vehicles.

Improving applications, platforms, and operating systems often requires user collaboration. It is common for many releases to go through a testing phase before the official version arrives and now Android Auto has opened its program to use beta versions. Anyone can join.

Being an Android Auto tester means get access to new features and changes you are working on before anyone else, although always understanding that these are not finished and can suffer problems or instabilities in their operation, even be discarded and never reach the bulk of users.

As Google reports, signing up will help “design an improved version of Android Auto. You can test the new features with your phone and vehicle in your region. When you send us your comments, we will use them to make improvements in the next versions “.

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An important detail to know is that at any time there is the possibility of stop testing the development version and go back to stable, just reinstall it. Google is aware that this type of beta is sometimes uninteresting for some users and it is possible to collaborate with them as each one wishes.

According to Google, the steps to collaborate are simple: go to the page to participate in the beta tests of Android Auto, select to become a tester and update the application to the beta version through Google Play. Although at this moment it appears that no more users can be added, they will be accepted little by little.

Google is making a strong commitment to Android Auto and it is a project that grows in compatibility with more and more mobiles and vehicles, and is launched in more countries. To update and improve, the help of users will be key in the coming times.

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