Google I / O 2021 will be virtual and free

There will be Google I / O 2021 this year, but it will be something different: it can be seen live for free.

Google has announced that the Google I / O 2021, its biggest event of the year, will be held virtually in its next edition, which will take place between the May 18 and 20.

As usual, the company has announced a collaborative minigame that will serve to reveal the date of the developer fair, where the company also usually advertises new products -Last year, the Pixel 4a was going to be presented at the I / O in the beginning, before a certain global pandemic decided to derail the company’s plans and Google was forced to definitively cancel the event.

Google announces its biggest developer fair of the year

The company has revealed two of the most important details of the event in the beginning, confirming that anyone can follow it completely free of charge, and that it will be broadcast virtually. The date of celebration will be The 18th of May, and the conference will run over the next two days, ending on the 20th of the same month.

Thus, Google will follow a similar path to that of Apple with its WWDC 2021, which will also broadcast the different sessions and conferences of its event for developers, whose dates of celebration are marked on the calendar for days 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 of June.

Google I / O 2021 will also be the event where Google will take the opportunity to launch the first beta version of Android 12, the next major update of the operating system, of which two have been released today preliminary editions for developers.

This is the minigame that hides the date of I / O 2021

On this occasion, Google wanted to resort to community power before revealing the date of celebration of I / O 2021, through a collaborative puzzle, which users must complete before knowing the expected data.

Google I: O 2021 minigame

One of the Google I / O 2021 puzzles.

For this, a web page has been enabled that gives visitors a series of clues, through which they must discover the answers that will finally lead to date of celebration of I / O 2021.

After discovering all the hidden secrets, it has been confirmed that Google I / O will take place from May 18.

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