Google follows in Apple’s footsteps and will offer users more control over their data in apps

Privacy and control of the data shared by users have become priorities for leading technology developers. For a few weeks, Apple has offered its users to block data tracking through the App Tracking Transparency option, a positioning that will continue Google, although with a different strategy. The company will force its application developers Play Store to provide more and accurate information on the use that each of these programs makes of user data.

Google will ask the apps to report if they collect email, contacts or location

To meet the new requirements of the Google Play Store, developers will have the entire second half of 2021 to explain clearly and precisely on your product sheets if the applications collect data such as contacts, location or email address. Unlike Apple, which poses a direct question to users on whether or not they want to be tracked by the applications, Google will allow those who market services through its platform to give the relevant explanations of why and how they use the data.

“As with the details of the application, such as screenshots and descriptions, the developers are responsible for the information disclosed in their section. That is why Google Play will introduce a policy for them to provide accurate information regarding privacy ”, he declared. Suzanne frey, Vice President of Product, Security and Privacy of Android, who has advanced that if they discover that a developer has misrepresented the data they have provided “and is violating the policy, we will ask you to correct it. In case the applications do not comply with the demands, they may be eliminated ”.

Thus, the technology strategy is focused on providing the greatest amount of information to the user about the use of each application so that they can decide. Similarly, in previews of Google Play Store It must be indicated who is the main developer and if there are third parties involved in the management of the data collected. All this information will be in its own section in which other data will be specified such that the requirements for an application to be classified as child.

The user will also know if they can delete their data when they finish using the app

In any case, with all this information, the user will have in his hand how he wants to share his data, defining in the characteristics of the product also if he can delete them in case he decides to uninstall and delete the application from his device. Also, developers will have to account for if a third party has been in charge of certifying the security from service. All these measures are mandatory and could lead to the blocking or suspension of an application in case of non-compliance.

Google will not allow capitalization or emojis as a hook

In addition to this new initiative, focused on the security and privacy of users, Google you are reviewing the way applications are presented on your Play Store. Thus, tricks cannot be used to attract attention and attract users as they are. write capitalized words or the use of emojis. Regarding this requirement, there is no exact date for its implementation, although it could be adopted in parallel with the new privacy policy.

In any use, this data usage review will affect, as in the case of Apple’s App Tracking Transparency, to developer income, who will see their income drop with the refusal of users to share their data with third parties, a resource used to design more personalized marketing and advertising campaigns.

So far, almost 90% of Apple users who have downloaded the iOS 14.5 system have refused to be tracked by the applications just by responding to the warning that appears every time a user downloads a program, hence the tactic of Google -which has greater dependence on advertising revenue- is to provide more information and filter those applications that do not comply with the requirements imposed.

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