Google, which has a new tool that allows you transform your photos into works of art, keeps updating its tools and applications to offer a better user experience. This time it is the turn of Google Fit, which after introducing officially the dark theme and the possibility of monitor sleep habits, now completely revamps its design on Android, iOS and WearOS.

The Mountain View company has announced in a statement on its official blog its effort to make healthy lifestyle changes more accessible with activity goals focused on achieve the recommended amount of weekly physical activity recommended by organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO). To do this, the technology giant has carried out a series of Google Fit design changes, your tool to record physical activity. Modifications that are focused on improving the experience when using the mobile application.

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Now, for example, the text is easier to read in some sections, with the idea that the user can see its performance in real time with a simple glance. Likewise, it is also appreciated that the text is even bigger and has bright colors. With this new update you can also see a novelty regarding the Steps, since they go to the top of the options, and the Active Minutes, which are now shown with the kilometers and calories. Changes that, according to Google, have been made with the aim of satisfying one of the users’ requests.

A new interface and new progress cards

Counting the steps is a family activity goal and an excellent starting point for many of the Google Fit users when it comes to exercising. Even many of them perform daily tracking of your steps, since it is an important objective for them. Now both the Step count and the Heart Points will be combined as targets in the center of the application. A change that allows you to track your overall movement with the steps, while knowing when to increase your intensity to earn more heart points.

On Wear OS devices, Google has incorporated new mosaics that allow you to start a workout with just a touch and see the progress at a glance. In the same way, along with the mosaics also come the progress cards, which can be found on the Google Fit app home screen when you are close to reaching your goal. Therefore, it will now be possible to know how many Points have been earned in the week and when to move to reach 150.

The new design of Google Fit is now available with the latest update of the application for iOS devices, and will also be implemented in both Android terminals as in Wear OS this week, so it only remains to be alert to the next updates of the Google application to record physical activity.

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