Google fires one of its artificial intelligence engineers

Timmit Gebru, an employee of Google, was recently fired after demanding an answer from his superiors on why he should remove a publication from a report. In his request, Gebru stated that if he did not get a response in a reasonable time, he would leave the company. Google He did not grant their request and agreed to rescind their engagement without providing further explanation.

The researcher criticized the bias used in the artificial intelligence of Google. He criticized that people with darker skin tone had more difficulty using facial recognition systems due to the flaws it offered. In contrast, people with lighter shades did not experience this problem, at least to the same extent.

During Gebru’s time with the company, he increased his efforts to recruit and promote people with black skin. In his view, they lacked the same opportunities than white-skinned workers. Specifically, he commented that “not only are they not prioritizing hiring more people from minority communities, but they are crushing their voices.

Timmit’s firing at Google comes at a controversial time

Timmit gebruTimmit gebruImage Cody O’Loughlin for The New York Times

According to Timmit, his dismissal It resides in a letter published along with six other – four of them from Google – researchers where they appealed a series of failures in a new kind of linguistic technology.

As he commented, artificial intelligence systems learn the vagaries of language in practically any text publication on the internet, such as an article, book or Wikipedia. As stated in an interview for the NYTimes.

These texts can sometimes generate hatred and use a biased language, which would lead to generate a little partial artificial intelligence. Hence, the results of Google’s AI offer a more favorable result to people of less dark color. This did not sit well with Google and they asked him to either retract the post or remove the names of Google employees.

Grue refused to do so and asked the company to explain why he should retract in the post. If they couldn’t do it in a reasonable amount of time, he would quit his job. Google automatically fired her without giving any explanation for her request. Timmit claimed he was dehumanizing when he received the news of his dismissal. But what really frustrated the engineer was not receiving an explanation about why she should retract her publication along with six other engineers.