If you are a Google Drive user and have ever wanted recover some deleted fileYou know that in the Google cloud storage, the files in the trash are not really lost and will continue to wait for you there for years as long as you have not emptied it yourself manually.

Well no more, Google has announced that from October 13 Drive will permanently delete files from the Trash after 30 days of deleting them. That is, anything you delete from your Drive will have a limited grace period in the trash and you will only have 30 days to recover them.

Drive’s trash is now like Gmail’s

Google Drive Trash

If you check your Drive Trash today and have never paid attention to it, you may come across files that you deleted many years ago, everything that you have deleted since you are a user of the service remains there from the beginning, and also counts as space consumed in your contracted storage.

Google has decided to change this policy and make it consistent with the rest of its G Stuite products and services, and In the same way as Gmail, after 30 days of deletion, Drive will permanently delete any file that is in the trash.

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These changes will be effective as of October 13, 2020 for all users, both G Suite and non-professionals. Account for any file sent to the trash from any of the applications. Before the new policy goes into effect, Drive will begin showing notifications starting today, and starting September 29 within Google Docs apps and Google forms.

In additional notes regarding these changes, Google clarifies that administrators can still restore deleted items from a user’s Trash for up to 25 days for active users.

Sharing Google Drive will now automatically and forever delete all the files you have in the trash after 30 days