Google Drive improves your security when sharing files

06/24/2021 at 11:09 AM CEST

A lots of old google drive links are going to become inaccessible in mid-September: the tech giant has announced that it is rolling out an update that would make qMake sharing Drive files more secure.

After the next Drive update on September 13, the app will add a key to the generated sharing links.

So what does that mean for old links that are already being distributed to both home users and workers? Those who have seen the link before the changes take place can continue to access it. However, those who have not done so will need the access key to be able to access the file.

Workspace administrators will have until July 23 to decide how the security update will be applied to their organization. They can choose to apply it with limitations or exclude themselves entirely. Meanwhile, personal users will receive a notification on the change from July 26 and they will have until September 13 to decide on how they will act.

They will be free to choose not to apply the update, but Google makes it clear in its notice that the option is not recommended. The company suggests not applying the update only to publicly published files. Additionally, Google will also implement changes for YouTube that could break a lot of older links. YouTube has a security measure that makes links to unlisted videos difficult to find for people they weren’t shared with, but it didn’t come out until 2017.

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