Google warned in advance, Chrome applications would be without support during the month of June 2020. After this date, the company has indicated that Chrome Apps will be saved for the moment and will have one more year for users to enjoy of them.

The Mountain View company has set a new date to say goodbye to its Chrome Apps, it will be in June 2021 when support for the applications that users have been able to use until now Google Chrome on Windows, Mac and Linux, for Chrome OS users the agenda offers them an extra year, until 2022, as reported by 9to5Google.

The Chrome Apps for those who do not know them, are applications that can be installed in Google Chrome as if they were the applications for your mobile or computer and that facilitate the use of the browser. In the store we can find them of any subject, spell checkers, calendars, editors, video calls, whatever.


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Google has long threatened to get rid of them, because not many users use them, just 1%. Already in 2016 there was talk of her disappearance. However, for those who do find some of these applications useful, Google wants to leave them without support does not mean that they will stop working.

The day that Google finally abandons the Chrome applications, they will stop having updates, they will not receive new functions, but they will remain active as until that day so we can continue using them. Simply, Google will not include new applications from other brands or renew them with updates.

None of this affects Chrome extensions, the functions that we can install and use in the browser. These are more popular and enrich the browser with a wide variety of possibilities that make their use more productive and agile.