Google dedicates its doodle to Euro 2020

06/11/2021 at 9:01 AM CEST

As in so many special days, Google has dedicated its cover today, June 11, to the start of Euro 2020 that last year could not be played due to the coronavirus pandemic. On the cover you can see the Google logo drawn with yellow, blue and red colors, between some small houses that simulate a city. In the middle of all this urban setting there is a small simulated soccer field with two goals and a large ball in the middle.

The ball is part of the search platform logo, as it is one of the O of Google. Likewise, a small whistle in which you can see some purple lines coming out towards the outside also appears at the bottom left, that is, that it is producing noise.

In other Google covers small animated videos and even video games are added, this time if we click inside the image it will take us directly to the classification table of the Eurocopa, with all the selections, schedules and dates. A good method to promote this soccer championship that could not be held last year due to the health situation.

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