Google could face lawsuit for leaking nude photos of celebrities

(CNNMexico) – The case of leaking photos of celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence or Rihanna in the nude could cost Google $ 100 million.

Martin Singer, an entertainment industry lawyer, said in a letter that Google “is making millions at the cost of victimizing women” and suggests that the technology pay for its “unethical behavior” under threat of millionaire lawsuit for not having removed these images from their services such as YouTube or BlogSpot.

This lawyer represents more than a dozen women whose private photos were leaked by hackers a month ago, allegedly after accessing their accounts on iCloud, Apple’s cloud service.

The letter does not specify which celebrities Singer represents.

In the letter the lawyer assures that “Google knows that the images are stolen property, private and confidential photos and videos obtained illegally and disclosed by perverted predators who are violating the privacy rights of the victims and basic human decency.”

Singer said he had already asked Google on multiple occasions to remove the material and claims that smaller sites complied with his request.

The lawyer requested that Google immediately remove the images and keep records linked to the images for future “lawsuits.”

For its part, Google said in a statement that it has removed thousands of photographs related to this issue just seconds after the leak occurred.

In early September, hundreds of nude photographs of celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton and Rihanna, among other artists, were released. The hackers posted these images on the 4Chan website and other blogs, and threatened to publish even more material in exchange for remuneration from users.

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