Google confirms that Stadia will be playable on iOS thanks to a progressive webapp for the browser

Stadia and other video game streaming services are having trouble getting into Apple’s mobile ecosystem due to the company’s own restrictions. The management and distribution of content within Stadia (and also xCloud or GeForce Now) collide with the conditions set by Apple for its store, and therefore alternative solutions are already being sought.

Nvidia, for its part, has already enabled access to GeForce Now from iOS (which includes both iPhone and iPad) through its website, so that it is possible to play streaming games directly from the browser. It looks like, Google is about to test something like this for Stadia, and the new system will soon enter the testing phase.

Google will have a progressive webapp for Stadia shortly

Microsoft is another of those that has taken the route of web support to be able to make its service compatible with iOS and give access to iPhone and Pad users who want to enjoy it, and the next will be Google. The American company has confirmed that A progressive webapp, or a PWA, has already been developed to bring Stadia to mobile phones.

However, it seems that Google will be somewhat faster than the Microsoft team and their apparently public tests will be launched in the coming weeks, thus anticipating Microsoft’s intentions to do the same with xCloud in 2021. From the sensation of what once closed by Nvidia, the rest of the developers will enter a speed competition to see who comes second.

The Stadia webapp will be in tests in a few weeks, ahead of xCloud

Maybe this move was planned even for some time, because the announcement of this future webapp for Stadia has coincided almost millimetrically with the first anniversary from Google’s video game streaming platform. It would be, therefore, one of the improvements that Google plans to introduce in Stadia shortly, and perhaps it will be the one that comes first.

Google, for example, will start offering access to games on a limited basis, thus mimicking the limited giveaways from both Sony’s PS Plus and Microsoft’s Xbox Live Gold. And if those games can be played soon from iOS, all the better. ANDWe will be attentive at the beginning of the tests of this progressive web application that Google prepares for Stadia.

Via | Verge


Google confirms that Stadia will be playable on iOS thanks to a progressive webapp for the browser