This Wednesday, the CEOs of Amazon, Apple, Google and Facebook testify before the United States Congress about the presence of their companies and the possibility that they exercise monopolistic practices in digital markets. Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, answered questions via videoconference about its search engine and allegations of theft of content from other platforms.

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Until June of this year, Google had in its possession the 90% of the global search market. However, Pichai insisted in front of Congress that users still have many options to search for information online outside of his company’s search engine. In his statement, the CEO mentioned examples such as Alexa from Amazon, eBay, Twitter, Walmart and Whatsapp (which belongs to Facebook), before which he pointed out:

“People have more ways to search for information than ever before, and this is happening more and more outside the context of a single search platform. The answer is usually in a single click or in an app. “

Sundar Pichai did not deny the fact that the prevalence of the Google search engine has led millions of dollars profit to the company through advertising. However, Pichai noted that Google has helped lower the costs of digital advertising and that its power in the digital marketplace is a sign of broad competition rather than monopolistic practices.


During the hearing, sites such as Genius and Yelp as examples of businesses that have accused Google of stealing their content, in song lyrics and reviews respectively, to place them on their own search platform and make profits from it through digital advertising.