The initiative ‘We prepare to help. You too can save lives’ contains online training programs for health professionals

Google, through Google Cloud, allied with the BBVA Foundation, the School of Medicine and Health Sciences of TecSalud and the School of Medicine of the UNAM to create an online platform with which train medical in the fight against COVID-19.

The initiative ‘We prepare to help. You too can save lives‘Contains online training programs and links of interest so that the general community and health and training professionals have access to valuable training during the health emergency.

On the site you can find courses designed by medical specialists from the EMCS of TecSalud. The specialized content is expected to reach more than 50,000 health personnel.

Such a page also provides reliable information to the general public about the coronavirus, as well as measures of prevention.

The BBVA Foundation brought the platform closer to the Ministry of Health of Mexico City and various states so that more than 17 thousand doctors and nurses know the capabilities needed to care for patients with COVID-19 and about the proper use of personal protective equipment .

The technological challenge

Due to the increase in cases of coronavirus, the team of the initiative ‘We are preparing to help’ created in just three days the platform that hosts videos and content and is capable of supporting high user demand.

For it, Lernit, which develops learning experiences for organizations, together with the Tecnológico de Monterrey, created a virtual machine hosted in the infrastructure of Google, totally independent, to add all the functions and make some adjustments.

Lernit supported solutions such as Firebase of Google Cloud Platform, which is a platform focused on the development of web and mobile applications. This tool also allows organizations to scale quickly and safely according to their user demand.

In addition, they chose to use the database of Cloud Firestore from Google that gives developers more functions, performance and scalability in data management. Lernit also applied the advantages of the Google Cloud Functions, which allow developers to execute and process the code in the cloud or locally without the need to supply servers so that they can focus on their products instead of worrying about infrastructure management.

With information from López-Dóriga Digital