Google Assistant driving mode begins to leave the United States

When will it arrive in other countries like Spain?

Google Assistant is even more useful if you use it in your car.

Every time we use Android on more devices. What began as a mobile operating system is present in computers, tablets and even smart watches. As if that were not enough, also in cars.

Android Auto is the version of our favorite operating system but for cars. Nevertheless, Google has long introduced a driving mode for its assistant With which you can perform most actions on your smartphone (without touching it) while driving.

Mobile with Google Assistant in the car

Google Assistant is even more useful if you use it in your car.

This mode was only available to users in the United States. We say was because as we can read in Android Police, the big G seems to be making it available to users in other countries.

Google Assistant driving mode leaves the United States

Since it was announced a couple of years ago, unfortunately the only users who could use Google Assistant’s driving mode were residents of the United States.

Luckily it seems that Google is opening this useful service to other countries and that is some owners of Android phones in the UK say they can use it.

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But, What is the Google Assistant driving mode? This is an option to replace the phone mode of Android Auto. Only with our voice, we will be able to send messages, make calls and control other functions without having to leave the navigation screen and what is more important, without having to touch the screen of our device.

Apparently we do not know what Google’s expansion plans are with Google’s driving mode, although as it almost always does, said “expansion” will be done gradually and by territories. We will be aware in the event that Google communicates something new officially.

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