Google Assistant changes color depending on the theme of your smartphone

The Google Assistant prepares for the arrival of themes in Android 12, and already hides the option to change color dynamically.

Android 12 promises to be one of the biggest updates in the history of the operating system, introducing big changes to the user interface, including the possibility of change system theme based on the wallpaper used.

In that sense, Google continues to pave the way by update your applications to prepare for the arrival of themes. On this occasion, it was the turn of the Google Assistant, because as they have advanced from XDA, in its most recent version it already includes the possibility of completely change the color of your interface dynamically.

The latest design of the Google Assistant.

This is how the Google Assistant looks in different colors

Although this function is not yet available to all users, it has already been possible activate it manually and check its operation on an Android device. In the shared screenshots, you can see how the background of the Google Assistant changes color. The tone also changes depending on whether you are using the dark or light theme of the system.

Google Assistant changes color depending on the theme of your smartphone

As with the Android 12 interface, the theme is automatically generated based on the primary and secondary colors of the wallpaper set by the user.

It’s very probable that the definitive interface of the Google Assistant is going to be different after the arrival of Android 12, and that what we see today is a first prototype on which Google works.

Luckily, you won’t have to wait too long until see the final result, well the Android 12 beta It will be launched next May 18 during Google I / O 2021. In addition, this will not be the only change of the Assistant that will arrive with the new version of Android, because a few days ago we learned that invoking the Google Assistant will be much more easy on Android 12 thanks to the changes that the company prepares.

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