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Although the spotlight was focused on the lawsuit that Epic Games initiated against Apple through Fortnite: Battle Royale, it is also a fact that Tim Sweeney’s company came into conflict with Google, although the impact suffered via Android has not been so strong. . Epic has sued both North American companies, but recently Google insisted that it not be related to the dispute that is taking place against Apple.

According to a report by Gamesindustry.biz, Google sent responses to various cases in which the company is related and one of them was addressed to Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers, who is in charge of the dispute between Epic and Apple and who is He requested that he not link the Android company in this lawsuit. According to the information, Google’s interest is not to be considered in the dispute over its presence in the mobile market, which it shares with the Cupertino, California company: « although Android and iOS compete to attract application developers and End users, Google and Apple use different business models, agreements and policies to support competing ecosystems. « 

Likewise, Google made it clear that the legal battle that it will fight with Epic Games will be carried out according to the specific circumstances of the case and what corresponds to Android, so it is a separate matter and has nothing to do with what that happens between that company and Apple.

The most recent information regarding the case of Epic against Apple revealed that the Fortnite company asked the Court to put a stop to retaliation and order the return of the game to the App Store, a request motivated by the strong impact that the absence has had of the Battle Royale in the income generated, since it is estimated that in the last 30 days before the game’s release, iOS users spent $ 43.4 million, according to the Sensor Tower firm.

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