Google announces one of the most important changes in the history of Android Auto | Technology

Those of Mountain View have announced that Android Auto opens much more, arriving third-party applications, specifically within the categories of navigation, parking or charging stations.

If you like the Android ecosystem, it is likely that you are also using Android Auto in your private vehicle, and during all these years you have had a series of applications available and, with the exception of some music from third-party companies, perhaps you would have always liked it see an alternative to others such as Google Maps, and now it is possible.

The Mountain Viewers have announced that opens much more Android Auto, reaching third-party applications, specifically within the categories of navigation, parking or charging stations for electric vehicles.

And it is that since March Google has published the Android for Cars application library that allows developers to migrate their software so that it is available to the end user. In this way it is already possible to publish and produce applications for Android Auto within the categories of navigation, parking and cargo.

With this, all Android Auto users can start using approved third-party applications. without having to enter a beta program as it happened until now. So these three categories of applications will have a greater variety of offer in the market and can be downloaded, previously approved, by the end user on their Android Auto.

For developers who have been working in recent months on applications that fall within these three categories, they will now be able to access Google Play, comply with the rules, and begin the transition to production, for a subsequent deployment of their applications for all Android Auto users.

Do you use Android Auto in your car? If the answer is yes, take note of the applications that you cannot miss to get the most out of it.

As an end user, you will have to start looking at a greater variety of applications for your Android Auto in these three categories and perhaps looking for those alternatives to certain Google applications that did not convince you at all.