The health crisis we are going through has demonstrated, if it was still needed, the relevance of electronic commerce in our lives. It has happened with many portals, including Gôody by Gôody Help Co, an “omnichannel marketplace that offers more than 100 4.0 services related to health and home care”, according to its CEO and co-founder, María Quintas. It stands out with pride that in its first month of life it reached 10,000 unique users on its website, a demonstration of what was to come.

“We do not have direct competition as such because our concept is pioneering, but we do have competition in the services or areas in which we work. What makes us special is the fact that we are an omnichannel service, when contacting customers both online, at home or in the center ”. Quintas says that some of his collaborators did not even consider this option until they got to know his company. “The situation generated by the pandemic has corroborated that ecommerce can be another sales channel, and even more relevant than the others.”

This Galician, who grew up in Dunkerque (France) and studied in the US, refers to her company as “the Amazon of well-being.” Among its more than 100 services related to health and personal well-being they offer “from nursing assistants to the care of the elderly or babies, domestic workers, health care of the most critical specialties in our day to day (such as gynecology, pediatrics, psychology, nutrition, physiotherapy …); personal trainers, legal advice, coaching, children’s events or catering ”. In addition, they have laboratories for clinical analysis and an online pharmacy.

Children of the coronavirus

The coronavirus crisis caught them in the middle of the launch of the platform, so they were forced to focus on the needs of the moment, creating “in record time” a covid-19 division. “We realized that there was a complete lack of information. We have been pioneers in free online psychological services and in accompanying coaching for the elderly, as well as in home delivery of frozen pre-cooked food ”, explains Quintas.

Various specializations

Gôody’s philosophy is mainly based on the personalized treatment of those who seek security and want to be up-to-date on issues such as preventive medicine or sustainability. “We strongly believe in subspecialties. We get to that level of detail. Like when you go to the physiotherapist for back or lumbar pain, or to the nutritionist for a postpartum diet ”, illustrates the co-founder. “We seek that the service is truly adapted to the needs of the client, that it is transparent and that it makes them feel in good hands, because we believe that each person is different and should be treated as such.”

In the medium term, he anticipates, “we will launch an application and an artificial intelligence system that guarantees searches in the most automated and efficient way possible, with consultants 24 hours a day,” anticipates the slim advisor of the young company.