Goodbye ?, Today Program, driver confesses if he was fired

Goodbye ?, Today Program, driver confesses if he was fired Instagram

Dismissed and without excuse? The host of the Hoy Program, Donkey Van Rankin He decided to clarify all the rumors that have been around him in recent weeks and it was in the middle of the Hoy program where he clarified whether he was fired or not.

In the company of his close colleagues from the Hoy Program, Raúl Araiza, Paul Stanley and Arath de la Torre, Jorge Van Rankin spoke about his alleged dismissal of the most famous morning of Televisa.

El Burro was questioned about his colleagues about his alleged dismissal during his section “Put the tail on the Donkey”, and without preamble, Van Rankin denied everything that has been handled in the media.

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Jorge Van Rankin was said to have been fired from the Today ProgramEven that for a long time he had been being intimidated with this by the producer Andrea Rodríguez Doria, this in the absence of an increase in the rating.

El Negrito’s close friend pointed out that he has not been fired from the Program TodayHe was even on his own section in it, but what is certain is that his absence has notably increased in the famous Televisa morning.

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Van Rankin also spoke about the recent news that he assures that he would lose exclusivity with the television station this April, a situation for which they indicated he was quite upset and refused to record more episodes of the successful series that stars 40 and 20.

Hoy’s host indicated that all this is a lie, since his exclusivity was withdrawn from him since September of last year and that from that moment he continues to work very well with Televisa. The actor is also shining in 40 and 20, a series that they assure has had an overwhelming success, he appears on Hoy and has had some special appearances in other television programs.

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Some indicated that the withdrawal of the exclusiveness It was something very hard for Jorge, since it would put the member of Members to the Air in financial problems; It was also very notable that in the Unicable Van Rankin program, Stanley and Araiza pointed out Lambda García for having taken away his place in the Hoy Program.

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According to El Burro, they told him that García was much more popular than he in the polls and that is why Lambda was still in the morning star of Televisa. José Eduardo Derbez stressed that the handsome actor would be responsible for the departure of his partner.