Pordede It was the first large website of its kind in Spain. However, the website was hacked and its database was used to found Plusdede. This website changed its name to Megadede after the authorities sent a notice to those who managed it to close it. Instead of closing the website, its creators decided to transfer the website to other users in September 2018, who are the ones who have maintained it until then.

Megadede will close in just a few days

However, now the website has announced its closure. When entering the portal, the web has a message at the top that reads the following:

“The members of the team are forced to announce that in less than a week megadede will come to an end. We hope you have enjoyed this time with us and take the opportunity to download your lists.

Thanks for everything #megabye. »

Thus, it seems that throughout this week the website will cease to be operational, ceasing to offer millions of links to pirated content, in addition to content lists. The popularity of this website has remained quite high in Spain, standing at the position 72 as the most visited in Spain according to Alexa ranking.

However, these types of web pages are not as essential as they were a while ago. For example, there was content that there was no way to watch through streaming, not even paying, but currently all platforms offer some way to access the content of operators and streaming platforms in exchange for quite affordable subscriptions.

DixMax or Movidy, possible alternatives

Due to the fate of the webs that have preceded it, it would not be strange that an alternative web page to Megadede with a similar name, such as Ultradede or similar, would soon emerge. Currently there are several websites that want to collect the witness, such as DixMax.com, which has been operating for a while, although there are others such as Vidcorn which are better.

There is also another website called Movidy that has shown interest in collecting Megadede users, although the portal states that it still does not have access to the Megadede database, so they do not have the links to the content available. They have openly requested to be able to access their content to offer links to movies and series with the same structure.