Goodbye to Ventaneando? Pati Chapoy replaces Alberto Ciurana

Goodbye to Ventaneando? Pati Chapoy replaces Alberto Ciurana | Instagram

The fans of Bisogno, Pedrito Sola or the journalist, Pati Chapoy, they hope it is not any of them, however, the news circulates strongly around the program “Windowing“, they assure, they could prepare a farewell after the departure of one of the most important directors of the television station.

Everything seems to indicate that one of the most popular broadcasts and with the longest time in the Tv Azteca production house would be planning a great farewell since one of the famous conductors would say goodbye to the evening broadcast and the bets strongly point to Pati chapoy.

It should be clarified to her fans that the collaborator would only stop appearing on the screen, but she does not prepare suitcases to leave the Ajusco television station, according to what is rumored, before the sudden departure of the director of the production company, who a few days ago lost his life because of Covid-19, Alberto Ciurana, his place was left empty, so one of the members of this production has been selected to take his place, according to a prediction of social networks.

Possibly, the first candidate for many, in large part to her recognized career, is Patricia Chapoy Acevedo, mostly known as Pati Chapoy, one of the most important figures in the show business who has also been a member of the Ventaneando broadcast for several years.

However, given this new position, the journalist would have to abandon some of her functions within the program and this would be the reason that leads her to say “goodbye” and thus occupy the new position and various functions as “Director of content.”

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At least this is what “Ramses Vidente” assures, who ventured to assure that a “new position” would soon arrive at the specialist in show business.

It was through Twitter that the astrologer shared an image of the collaborator of the medium which he accompanied with a text in which the following message was read:

Pati Chapoy general director of Tv Azteca. Vision. Ramsesvidente, wrote in the tweet to which some of the netizens reacted.

For many of them, the possibility of Chapoy being in charge of the General Management department of Ricardo Salinas Pliego’s company was synonymous with joy and merits earned by the communicator, however, some others pointed out that there could be better options to occupy such an important position.

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Conflicts between Pati and Ciurana

It has also transpired that both figures would have a series of disagreements while both performed their duties in the broadcast, it was in 2019 when TvNotas exposed the complex labor relationship that existed between these two figures.

It was last March when the news of Alberto Ciurana’s departure caused great astonishment and shock, particularly among many of his collaborators.

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The manager lost the battle against Covid at 59 years old, after the recent case that joins a large list of victims that has taken on the presence of the health crisis, many condolences came from the great conglomerate of the community However, the protagonist of Ventaneando was criticized for her brief message on Twitter with a brief “Rest in peace.

After this, various messages made the journalist the target of strong criticism, referring to her lack of empathy and an alleged hypocrisy for the message, with prior knowledge of the past quarrels that they would have starred in the past.

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And it is that after revealing what was happening behind the scenes, for the viewers the power struggle that was disputed between the two was more noticeable to see who kept more control, Chapoy would have fought so that his program did not disappear little by little since little by little Ciurana made more transmission cuts to the program since it sought to decimate the consolidated broadcast, they assured.