Goodbye to Today? Galilea Montijo confessed plans with Pati Chapoy

Betrayal of Hoy? Galilea Montijo would meet with Pati Chapoy | Instagram

The presenter Galilea Montijo, confessed between drinks, his dream of meeting with Pati chapoy, who for several years has been conducting the broadcast of Ventaneando, Will “tapatia” say goodbye to “Hoy”?

In the midst of his recent celebration by opening his physical clothing store, Galilea MontijoHe confessed between drinks that one day he would fulfill another of his dreams, meet with Pati Chapoy.

Completely excited and with the spirits up, the “Today’s driver“He confessed to a journalist from the” Ventaneando “program that he would one day toast with the show host” Pati Chapoy “surprisingly, he also pointed out that” he would like to go for a walk with the journalist “Why not?

Both collaborators of the two most important production houses could coexist at some point, an idea that did not seem bad at all to the legendary presenter of the evening of the Ajusco television station.

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This after the famous “Televisa entertainer” responded to the questions of a journalist from “Ventaneando” who at some point asked her if it was true that she bought “bales of clothes” as she herself commented.

The famous 48-year-old who has been characterized by always showing willingness with the media and simple, revealing without any pain, details of her personal life, for which she even revealed her origin, saying that she came from a very popular neighborhood in Guadalajara.7

I come from the worthy neighborhood of San Juan de Dios, I was going to buy my clothes at the “pacas” of the market on 32nd.

The “model” and “businesswoman” answered without prejudice that she did buy “bale clothes” and said “second-hand American” clothes in the flea markets, this, before being famous since, as has been seen, she is a faithful assiduous of fashion, a habit that led her to achieve one of her great dreams, to have her own business.

She also recalled that her grandmother taught her to weave, which allowed her to transform some of her acquisitions to her personal taste, giving her own touch and style to the garments.

The remembered presenter of “Pequeños Gigantes”, “Vida Tv”, “Ritmoson Látino”, among others, confessed that she did buy clothes in these places and even points out that the residents of her native Guadalajara, Jalisco, can verify it.

Likewise, La Montijo shared that it was her grandmother who greatly inspired her taste for fashion since she was a designer.

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It was in the last days when Martha Galilea Montijo became the target of the spotlight after having materialized a great dream, opening her own store that was inaugurated with a spectacular ceremony in which the media were present as well as people close to the who was a television actress.

Some of his colleagues from the morning could not miss this great event, Paul Stanley, Andrea Escalona, ​​the producer of the morning, Andrea Rodríguez Doria, Martha Figueroa, Shanik Berman, Laura Bozzo, etc., were just some of the figures who spoke on such an important day for “La Montijo” and her partner.

It was some of these celebrities who spoke in front of the cameras and sent their best wishes to Montijo Torres, to whom they reiterated their love, admiration and for being a very brave and entrepreneurial woman.

Surprisingly, Laura Bozzo attended this event who was also approached by the cameras and dedicated an emotional message to her colleague in “The stars dance in Today” whom she said she loved very much and admired for her physical and inner beauty.

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He also reiterated that both would have left their differences behind since the pandemic and the high rate of victims that this has claimed throughout the world, has made them both reflect on the importance of not holding grudges.

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