goodbye to the PGA Tour and 1 billion in prizes

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The sport continues with its renewal plan. As the world advances or evolves, the different sports disciplines seek ways to reconvert themselves to remain attractive to fans. The range of entertainment has grown a lot, especially in a pandemic, and especially among the youngest. The notice was already posted by the football industry just a few weeks ago.

It was an open secret. Everyone was talking about the birth of the European Super League and finally, during the early hours of April 18 to 19, the 12 founding clubs published a statement announcing the creation of this new format. This announcement was followed by fierce criticism, an express scandal in which pressure from the Government, fans and organizations such as the UEFA wave FIFA ended up causing the flight of the ‘Big Six’ of the Premier League.

On Europe not worth, but in Africa a similar project is going ahead, further supported by FIFA, while other sports take notice. Golf is in that line at the moment. They already say that ‘renew or die’ and from Saudi Arabia They have created a project to change golf as it is known. Goodbye to PGA Tour and hello to Saudi Super League.

One billion dollars

The project orchestrated in Saudi Arabia puts on the table $ 1 billion in prizes -when speaking of dollars, one billion refers to 1000- and contracts for the chosen ones who become part of the Golf Super League. And not just any professional, but they hope to have the 40 best golfers on the planet.

Rory McIlroy, at the British Open David Barreira Reuters

A year ago a plan was devised for the so-called Premier Golf League. It also came from the Arab country, but then prominent figures such as Rory McIlroy or Brooks koepka they rejected the proposal. However, now the Saudis do not want ‘no’ for an answer and are increasing their offer by several million dollars.

The contracts they rejected to be part of the Premier Golf League and thus leave the PGA Tour in America and the European tour They amounted to 10 million dollars, but now agreements of between 30 and 50 ‘kilos’ are put on the table to the Koepka, Justin rose, Dustin Johnson and company.

Dustin Johnson at the Augusta Masters

Dustin Johnson at the Augusta Masters EFE

Speaking to GolfWeek magazine, a famous agent assured that “the money is there.” “I heard that a billion dollars in total. This is real,” added this source. But it all depends on the players being tested agree to be part of the Saudi Super League.

Other details

This golf Super League would have a number of around 40 players. They will compete in 18 different tournaments in different corners of the planet and in each of them there will be a very important cash prize pool. But, in addition, a senior tournament will be held at the end of the season to put the finishing touch to the year.

The Saudi Super League would not be released in the same year 2021, but on paper the month of September 2022 is set as the start of the championship. This is because first of all they must convince golfers to leave the PGA Tour and join this millionaire project that aims to change this sport as it has been known until now.

They, as happened to the players of the twelve founding members of the European Super League, have already been threatened with expulsion from the PGA Tour if they agree to participate in what they consider to be a separatist regime in golf. And from the PGA Tour they hope that the European Tour will follow in their footsteps. For the moment, the true protagonists are silent.

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